Leader demotions and thoughts


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I don't know what's going on. There have been 2 leaving topics by leaders and mods in 3hrs. Both mentioned leaders were being demoted.

Who was demoted? Why?

I'm really confused and sad

So many leaders and mods and amazing people leaving ;-;

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Edit: everyone stop leaving. I don't know why y'all are suddenly leaving. Is it just because of a demotion? If it's about life, why didn't you leave earlier? Stop. Kiwi, don't THINK about leaving. Pt, BAS, Gilberto, you will be missed

But please, please stop leaving.

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Ok, this is really getting out of hand. Everyone's leaving, so many flame wars are starting, the forum is divided and depressed. Everything is really off topic, and with know one to inforce the rules, it'll stay this way.
I want to say that if you give us the old system back, it'll all be ok
I want to say everything will go back to normal
But it won't. Too much damage has been done. It's gone to the point of which it'll never be back to what it once was, a happy place to share ideas and ask questions.
The forum had already turned into a chatroom, now it's a hot mess. And I'm thinking of taking a break. It's too crazy. THT, you've made a bad decision.

Guys, what's going on with the Forum!

Liza made a topic explaining all about it


They are all too old plz @PopTart0219 don't leave


Here is the link!




it's so sad


She left

I will find out why they all left so suddenly so we can gather the information on what truly happened


Now only 2 people are leaders (not including the staff and System)...



Those were Alts from the mods

Idk why they are still leader though.


Don't say that. We don't want them to be [hidden].