Leader Cape Shoppe


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Here we shall make the leaders cape and reserve some for potential leaders. Here you can admire capes or suggest ideas.

Hopscotch Capes!
Hopscotch Capes!

This is hopscotch related because it talks about leaders

Its also stops cape confusion in comics!

Also I'm da cape designer


Yes, it is. We can also list leader related things on here.


Leaders, @Follow4LikesOfficial, @Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman, and @PopTart0219, please order your capes, yet again.


@Hoppertoscotch, do you want to join?


A black cape with a question sign at the center




Leader Shop: Potter's Possessions

Would you still like the cape you requested earlier?

Da center one


Can I draw the capes?


Sure! But can we switch jobs after awhile? You know like taking turns?


Ok. You can be the manager for now.


Sure! I'll grab the orders, and you can draw! Remember, all new and improved capes have bow ties! :smile:


Could I help organizing this business? I

I think I'd be good at it!

Off topic but.. We both play the flute! :P


Sure! What do you think @SkydivingWalnut ? Also is it ok if I make adds to post here or on the drawing topic?
cool! I started last year! I'm in da band :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course! 🤓:blush:


Ooh! I would love an orange one, with capital B's on it :smiley:


Great! I'll scroll through the the drawing topic and find all the capes that are on hold!


For @BuildASnowman
Color: Orange
Details: Capital B's


Cape list
L=Currently A leader C=In closet
F=Future leader cape order

@PopTart0219 = Neon green, small dots, L

@BuildASnowman=Orange, B as detail, L

@Kiwicute2016=Light blue, hearts, L

@Follow4LikesOfficial=Black,question marks, L

@Gilbert189= Orange, F

@CreativeCoder= Cyan, F

@friendship2468= Purple, F

@LotsaPizza= Green, F

@TallAOnForum= Light purple, F

@LazyLizard= Red, F

@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf= Rainbow or pink,F

@OrangeScent1= aquamarine, F

@Rawrbear= Plain white ,F

@LotsaPizza=Brown, pockets, a little beaten up, F

@RubyWolf1=Purple, Sparkles, F