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Could you post the rules that you're talking about, please? I'm a bit confused, as there are multiple lists of rules. :D



I'm guessing the Community Guidelines, so I'll go with that.

I think this one basically covers everything. If everyone is nice to everyone all the time, then there would be less fights, bot wars, arguments, flame wars, etc. so the forum is overall...cleaner. This means no rude language, no discrimination, no bullying; so the forum/Hopscotch community would be kinder, like the rule states. Of course it's nearly impossible for this rule to be followed all the time (because we're human, we make mistakes), I think it's the most important.


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The community guidelines!


Well, than I would have to say being nice.

It's so important, because it links to every other rule. If you aren't nice, people won't want to talk to you! Being nice is very important, so we can maintain a safe forum for everyone! If someone starts saying mean things all over the place, and nobody cares, the forum would fall apart!

It's a structure that surrounds us! Without that rule, every other rule can be bent and twisted into a bad thing!


(Using screenshots because I'm not good at quoting on a iPad. XD)

This is very important. It keeps hopscotchers safe! :D

This is also extremely important. :D
If it wasn't there...
The forum would be really different from what it is like now. :0

I think every rule in the community guidelines is very important, in their own important ways.

But these two, I think, are two of the most important ones. :D


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Ok. I did my reply as an edit of another, and I deleted that. Here is my final reply!

I like all the rules, and they should all be respected. But this one is what I think should be most respected:

Being nice, always.
This part is super important. If we are always nice, then the forum would be a much better place. Imagine it. No flags, which leads to no BOT wars. There would also be no more flame wars, which would be really good. If everybody was always nice, than the forum would be a much kinder, better place.

Use respectful language, assume that everyone is just as smart as you are, and don't call people names.
This part is also extremely important. If we all respected each other, nobody would feel sad and hurt. The forum would be safer, for everybody. I think more people would come, and less would leave, if we all respected one another. And I like the "Assume that everyone is just as smart as you are." If we all did that, less people would feel like the underdog, and more people would feel confident and want to help. The forum would be a more helpful place. And as for "don't call people names" would also be like the respect part. Less people would feel sad and hurt, and more people would be happy and positive!

Pretend that you're speaking to a friend face to face :smile:
This is a good rule. If we all thought of each other like friends, if we all were face to face, it would be much harder for Hopscotchers to say mean things. First of all, friends are friends. They won't be mean like that. Second of all, it's really hard to just say something mean while looking them directly in the eye. By being face to face. If everyone pretended like this, there would be less fights, and more positivity and helpfulness.

That's what I think should be most respected! I think all of them should be respected, but this is a really important guideline that should be the most respected.

I want to say why I chose this over the don't share personal deets guideline.

Sharing personal information isn't good. Period. I know there is internet safety problems. But it's unlikely for someone just to track you down. There is bad people out there, but there also is good. And there is more good out there than bad. The chance of somone hunting you down is very slim. People on the forums are all over the world, and so you think someone is going to go through all that work of finding you, traveling to wherever you live, and doing something bad? I know it's possible, but that is a rare occurrence. Internet safety is important, but I don't think it should be the most respected rule of the community guidelines.

Ask this to yourself:

Would you rather have a tiny chance of someone hunting you down from a small amount of personal information,


The forum filled with unhappiness, chaos, nastiness, wars, no safety, and negativity?


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Anyway, @BuildASnowman, @Kiwicute2016, are we ready for the next question? :D


How would you handle a situation where another leader deleted/edited something you think shouldn’t be deleted/edited?
@Gilbert189 @SmileyAlyssa @SmilingSnowflakes @Intellection74 @CreativeCoder


I would ask why they edited it, to clarify if they edited it for a good reason, or just a reason. :D

If the answer was a for good reason, then I would leave it. :D

If I don't get a answer...
I would review what I'm editing back in a lot.

I would think about why it was edited, and maybe I could find a reason it was. :D
If I don't find a reason... Then I would edit it back in.

If it continues, I would share my opinion about the edited content to the leader. :D

If it continues after that, I would contact another leader, moderator, or admin and ask them to review the edited content. :D


I would ask them why they did that. I could misunderstand, or they could have done it for a reason I haven't heard of yet. Once they tell me why and I still don't think it should be edited/deleted, I would tell them my opinion. I would also say reasons about my opinion. Then if the leader understands, they would edit or put it back. If they still don't understand, I would contact a mod/admin.


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I need to answer, but I'm tired ;-;

I'll do it tomorrow morning...


Good plan! :laughing:


I would first review it! I may have missed an obvious reason.

If I didn't think it should have been edited/deleted, I would ask them why they did it!

If I'm still not convinced, I would go back and see if what they said makes sense.

If I'm still not convinced, I would ask another leader or mod to help review the situation!



Hello I am back

I feel so guilty for late answering...anyways...

First, ask the L/M (leader/mod) why they did said thing. To clarify their purpose. If it made sense, I would leave it, but I'd ask the original poster to say what they meant. If they didn't mean for it to be bad, they could change it, with the L/M's approval. It I thought the L/M made a non sufficient edit/deletion, I would say why it wasn't the best idea. If they see what I mean and agree, then it's perfect. We'll bring the post back and continue with our lives. If they disagree, we could talk it out until we come up with a solution.


@Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman

Is the next question coming soon?