Leader candidate questions/debate



Hello! This is a topic for questions for the candidates. I would ask that if you aren't a candidate, you do not post.


@Gilbert189 @SmilingSnowflakes @CreativeCoder @SmileyAlyssa @Intellection74
If you cannot participate, just notify me.

I will ask you a series of questions, and will tag the candidates each time a new one is asked. A new one will be asked once everyone has answered the first one. Feel free to ask any questions for clarification.

The first question:

Someone makes a post hating on LGBT. What do you do?

I know it's a hard first question, but just know it gets better from here :joy:
Note that this is not actually a competitation that will end in someone getting leader, but will definitely be great for us to get an idea of who would be good for the job.

To non candidates:
Please like the posts if you agree! I want to know how the community feels about decisions.


Well, I would review the post.

If it's demeaning to LGBT people, (Whom I admire very much!) then I would say something to them and ask that they delete that so it doesn't get flagged, if it hasn't already. Examples of this type of post/topic would be "I hate LGBT people, they're so annoying, and I hate them.".

If it was just something like "LGBT is against my religion, I don't feel comfortable here...", then I would talk to them about how we don't have to all agree, but we can agree to be nice to each other! I would reccomend they ignore topics that involove LGBT.

In either case, I would remind them that we can all accept each other, and we can also all be friends!

Also, @BuildASnowman, can you add that people can like the post if they agree? Thanks!


I would re-read it a few times... To review it...
To prevent misunderstandings! :D

I would ask them to delete the post, and type about how we could all get along, stay positive, and respect, and accept each other! :D


Candidates, if you disagree with one another, don't be afraid to speak out! This is a debate afterall!


Yay! I would make sure they are actually hating, then here is what I would say:

I respect your opinion. :slight_smile:

But others might feel hurt by what you said. The people on the forums all have different opinions, and we all need to accept each other, even though we have our differences. :slight_smile:

You might want to edit and make your post nicer, or delete it. :wink:

If you are really against LGBT, or are uncomfortable with it, you can always mute users and topics. :slight_smile:

Just a tip: The forum is a better place when we are positive, not negative. So instead of posting negative replies, try posting positive replies! :smile: #SpreadPositiveEnergy


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First, I'd ask the person the clarify. It could just be a huge misunderstanding.

If they intended it to be rude, then I'd show them the Community Guidelines and say that they should rethink or delete the post. I could say that LGBT people are people just like they are, and should be respected in the same manner.

If they didn't mean for it to be offensive, then I'd suggest they reword it so it doesn't get flame-y. If they said they were uncomfortable, I could show them how to mute a topic so it doesn't make them feel bad.

Sorry for the late response, and thanks for letting me participate it this.


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I suppose you all answered fairly quickly, @SmilingSnowflakes, @Gilbert189, @CreativeCoder, @SmilingSnowflakes, @Intellection74. Do you have any arguments against each other? If not, I'll move onto the next question.


Not that I can think of. I agreed with everyone basically :D.


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Nope! I agree with everyone. :D

Here's a like :heart:!


I'm good! We can continue now. :D


Ok. The next question is directed to you @Gilbert189:

Not too long ago, your brother hacked into your account. If he were to hack in while you were leader, things would have gotten bad. What do you say about this and what are you going to do about it?

Other candidates may speak out on this as well.


Well, it would depend on how bad the situation gets. I can assure you that it won't happen again, but if it did, there would be 2 options.

If it was really severe, and people stopped trusting me, I would ask to be demoted, until I could regain the trust. I wouldn't like to do this, but I would if nessecary. Something like this would involve multiple closed topics, possibly demotions, (If I was mod.) and bad posts.

If it was just something like "lol I hacked XD", and that was the only post, I would talk to him about it, and make an announcement that I was sorry for that, and it won't happen again.

I want people to be able to trust me!


I would apologize in a topic, and explain what happened, and try my best to prevent it from happening again. :D

I would also try to fix the destruction that happened.

If it was something smaller (I'm using a post, but there could be other smaller things that could happen), I would apologize in a post in the topic it happened on, and delete, or edit the post. :D


I'm on the forum a lot, and I'm always checking my email. Since I'm on so much, I would probably notice right away, log out, and change my password. And I'm positive someone would know something was up and email me.

I have been hacked before, back when I was a member. I now probably have the longest and hardest password in the whole forum, and I doubt anyone can hack me now.

If I was hacked, and I wasn't on the forum at that moment, I would explain what happened. I would ask to be demoted, at least until I have everything sorted out.
I also would at least try to fix the damage my account may have done, that would be my first priority.


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Ok, next question!
People are discriminating against one another based on either religion, race, gender, etc. What do you do to prevent a fight?

I really love your guys' answers so far. Keep em coming!


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