Leader campaign (for fun)



What's the project called??


I agree. There's always huge waves about this. Just...let it settle down a bit...


I know, and it's a cool idea!

However, we have no influence on this, and we don't need these huge waves of people wanting to be leader! We should just let it come naturally. :D


It's on beta this is the name: forum leader campaign


Yes i know im getting too crazy on this i will take it down a notch


Oh, I see.

PT told you guys the news... :sweat_smile:

Okay, we don't need to freak, please just let leadership come naturally! :D


Dramatic music

Then calming music because people need to calm down


Can I post campaign ad pics? xD


Yes,I know that I knew about leadership ever since I joined after I nominated a non-regular a real friend I got a ton of info im now just losing it


Of course this is what the topic was made for!


Here's your music!


I think @SnowGirl_Studios would be an amazing leader! She is amazing and inspiring!

(Does anyone think I would be a leader?)



Aww thanks @Dude73!
I also think you would make an amazing leader.
You're amazing
and most importantly, shes a supporter to/of all.
and about 1 million more things.


Thank you so much!
You brought happy tears to my eyes!


@SnowGirl_Studios @Dude73 you'd both be great leaders! I don't want to talk too much about it, though...so...


Yes! :D

I think you'd make an amazing leader! :D

That goes for you too, @SnowGirl_Studios! :D


I do!!
(20 characters....)


I support @Dude73
gonna make some ads for her


Awww, thanks! You are so sweet! :blush:


It does seem a bit...rushy. THT don't need leaders yet! When the community is larger there will be more leaders!