Leader campaign (for fun)



You support a hopscotcher?wanna post their campaign ads do it here
I support @huggingfluffybear and @wookie I will put up ads by me to support them!


Aww thanks a ton but I was about to make a topic

i have no hope

Yep I don't have a gmai.l and @Anonymous @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @BuildASnowman @Gilbert189 have one and I kinda need one to be leader so I have no hope I can't be a leader...:cold_sweat:


Yay thanks LETS GO TEAM WOOKIE :laughing:


Don't give up :wink:



Well I have no way of becoming leader I am about to express my thoughts in 3 2 1

Why gmails?

Hopsoctch forum was made to communicate and why gmails becuase we have the forum we don't need a second thing and I think it's unfair to the people who don't have gmails!


Well...the leaders have a Google Doc where they can discuss private stuff.


Yes and that's what is stopping me from being leader now I can never have any chance!


It doesn't mean you don't have a chance at all. Stay optimistic. Moping about it isn't going to improve your chances, more likely the opposite.


Well let me see with the leaders and staff!


I have a g.mail and Google docs account but that doesn't mean I have a higher chance than you :blush:



Well er yes it does if the leaders say I have no hope then I may talk to my mom about getting one but I am scared!


Well guess what @Huggingfluffybear i made yours first!


Aww thanks but i really think I have no hope...

I appreciate you though!


Yes you do. Your so awesome,happy,and you've been the forum for a long time!


@Huggingfluffybear mails dont have anything to do with this. Someone could be Mr. Mean and have a really active gmai l. OR, someone could be Mr. Nice with no g mail. SO really, it doesnt matter.


Are you sure because I her everyone talk about gmails!


Hey guys, can we not get opinto this whole "leader rush" again? I get that everyone wants to be leader, but begging/asking for it (Which I'm not accusing any of you of doing!) can actually decrease your chances!

When THT is going to promote, we will know! We don't need excess topics for people trying to earn leader. :D


Here's a scene:
Mr. Nice: Hey, please calm down! THT will pick their choice :wink:
Who would be the better leader?


She explained AWESOMELY.hope is what you have and it might pull through now Keep your Hope @Huggingfluffybear


@Gilbert189 im just doing it for fun its up to the hopscotch team if this is real.