Leader and Moderator Q&A


Only mods can do that.

I know who he is too


Say wha...? Yes, it did feel the need to snoop on your personal way of cheating the 20 char rule :P I didn;t even ask you a question :D


Do you know each othe?


I wish I knew who he was! But i totally understand why he doesnt tell many people, he has kept a great secret of his identity!


Let's not wander off the subject :wink:


Yup! Only mods can check IP addresses!


I'm really sorry! Should I delete that post? Sorry I was off topic! :cold_sweat:


No. Just friends on Hopscotch!


Saying that was off topic

How's your arm

Does it make your drawing worse(not that there bad does it stink)

Dior you like chocolate or ■■■■■


But blood


What would you add if you could add anything (new blocks, characters, etc.) to Hopscotch?


Why are your names as such?
Why was @Follow4LikesOfficial not able to tell why he wasn't able to tell why he became a Leader?
What project are you most proud of?
What coding skill was the hardest to master, but you have achieved it?
?! or !??


A safe commenting system!!!


That is a great idea!
What is your fav. Part about being a mod?


Question for all leaders and mods

How did you start coding? What made you interested in it?


A full range of notes, piano sounding notes, and strings.


@bluedogmc-official Helping people achieve their regular status! It makes me so happy to help others achieve their goals!!!!!


Being able to connect with you guys and help out! This awesome community that I am glad to be a part of is what makes Hopscotching so fun :smiley:


I started because of a minecraft mod, computercraft, where you had to code in a language called Lua. I always aspired to be a programmer, so I started learning it and eventually got more advanced!


Harry Potter or HARRY POTTAH?!
Ice cream or cauldron cames?
Butterbeer or water?