Le Name Change, just did it


I have been bored by "Follow4LikesOfficial", so :stuck_out_tongue:
I am now Anonymous! I'll still be liking projects, just a slight name change





Chow come I wasn't in your "tags"



Put me in your tags list XD


Not everyone is in it




Well I got sick of it so...
But okay, lemme check it...


@Follow4LikesOfficial I found you! I like it! sounds so mysterious...


Awesome name, Anonamyus! Really cool!


Ok, good to know thanks! :+1::+1::+1:


But I liked follow4likesoffical. It has a ring to it


The bit about the lottos, you could avoid it being rigged by making the lottos give you a random number and the good numbers are secret.


Yeah, i wanted to do that, but its kinda late now XD


I just noticed it...