Le message to @stradyvarious about tynker (just a question )


this isn't about hopscotch, it's tynker, so if you're disinterested just click the back button on the top left of your browser, that's why I'm asking @Stradyvarious, she seems to be the only one here who's familiar with tynker, and as soon as I know how to search on it, (does it have to do that I'm lvl 1 user?) then I'll be done with the topic, got any answers? is it possible? I'm trying to make a game w/ cloud, I'll just copy the project onto le collab account, just a minute


You can't search. Only play projects on the main website or newest/published on the app or embed projects to websites.
I saw an android app "Source code editor"
You can edit code in an app if its java or some other language.
Here's an idea. Get Tynker on the android and try to use something like a source code editor to see if you can hack the app and edit Tynker projects files with direct java coding and not be limited to the blocks used to make projects. If you manage this, you will probably be the first person in the world to hack/edit a Tynker project directly with java


so on the website I can pretty much do nothing... :cry: well I'm going to have to embed them...


I'm thinking of making a square sprite for the player on a map.
There can be 200 colors at the front of the square. 10 rows and 20 colors per row.
The map will be a second sprite with border-walls.
Whenever the map sprite touches a certain color this will tell a rectangle to appear and what size.
The 200 colors on the players sprite will be sensors.
There'll be just 20 rectangles on the main screen that will change size depending on what color the map sprite is touching.
I've worked out the code for multi colors touched affecting a single rectangle.
This code will be easy to do and wont use up allot of resources.


Is a way to see code, see the JAVASCRIPT code/print then copy, use Google translate to translate the JavaScript into Java :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I'll try that sometime and see if it works


wait waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?! (slightly presses the potato out of f12 on every game I have xD)