Le Blurb Movie!


Hi! I'm going to have a new collab (on Scratch)! It will be The Blurb Movie! So basically it's about a Blurb named Blurbyblurb ("I like trains") and an introverted genius ("No silly talk") who have to get along in order to to defeat the evil Matrix Lord ("I see and know all").

HS username:
Do you have access to Scratch?:
What do you want to do in creating this movie? (besides coding it):
Will you be helpful?:


Sounds cool!

Unfortunately, you're not allowed to share Scratch usernames :grin:


I like trains..
NO NO DUDE NO NO WAIT NO WAT [get hit by train]


Wait, wha? When was that a thing?


I have no idea if
you can or not lol

Has a mod, and admin, or a leader
said anything?

I've seen a lot of people saying their usernames...


Yeah kiwi did


If you can find it, can you quote the post?


Huh, even so I don't want to do it in HS.
If so, I'll just limit it to plot making and character development.


There ya go. Scratch is awesome, but.... :0


Yeah, I haven't seen anyone say anything.

Even so, now we are constricted :confused:
Oh well...


Sorry there was more, meant to post this too...


I'm not going to recycle/close this.
Cuz me is flexible :smiley:


Not as flexible as her but ok


Anyone else wanna join?


@codingCupcake123 it's been declared safe :smiley:


I know that now, but it wasn't allowed at that time :smile: