Le 1 Year Forum Anniversary :D

One year ago, I didn't know anyone except my IRL friend, but then I joined here. Da Amazing World of Hopscotch. I didn't really know what people were like, except the data I collected from being on hopscotch which is that @SmilingSnowflakes liked making cute projects, MagmaPOP was making amAzInGG games and ye. Also, being on the forum has given me time to realize all the new vocabulary I was learning. I didn't know what cringey/cringe meant, but when I knew what it meant, I realized cringey was the complete definition of my projects. Anyways, here's a slice of life and pleh.


I haven't been publishing in a while, but I'm going to publish a Valentine's Day Project. One day in advance when I post, if I'm quick.

Oh may gawd I have a cake on my name. Halp.


Cool! Congratulations!!!!


Happy anniversary!

Wow people still using Elle les...

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Happy anniversary!

I'm turning 2 years old on HS and the forum this year!!!!!

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Happy anniversary :heart::fire:

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Happy Anniversary and congratulations!

Happy Anniversary! Congrats! :tada::sparkling_heart:

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Happily Anniversary!

free anniversary hot dog:

Congrats. Nice one year!

Congratulations! I also didn´t know anyone on HS before I joined here, but now I do!

Congrats on 1 year!
I don't think we've ever spoken before!
So hi! I'm CandyflossClouds, aka The Ultimate master of the Temmies!