LC collab!OPEN!



Hi, I'm doing a collaboration if you want to join tell me!
Hopscotch name:
What do you want to make?
What sort of projects do you code?
Probally soon i will decide the main project


Hospcotch name: lavender cupcake
I code all sorts, but i mainly
Y do backgrounds, art, art pads, ect


Hopscotch name: ihasfluffycupcakes
What I want to make: how about a complex game?
What I usually code: text art, drawings, smooth backgrounds and art, I also know how to do custom colors


Hopscotch name: gamergirlofgamers
What I make: hodgepodge (just, well, check out my account)
What to make: A plat forming game?


Name Jootje
what to make: a game or something like that?
I usually do some easy games, so something difficult would be great :smile:


So I was thinking, a gingerbread maker, or a Hopscoth feature like character maker


Yeah a gingerbread maker would be cool! So you can make your own dough, (the base of cookies XD) mix it yourself, put it in a baking mall, and decorate it. But doesn't it look really much like the cookie maker? Maybe we could search the actual recipe and let the player weigh the correct amounth of stuff to add to the dough? So you also learn something from it. Wouldn't that be fun?


OK I'll make an account now


Maybe it's safer to just remix it from eachother


Cause than no one can delete our project


OK but when we publishable new edition well have to post it on here and when we remix well have to call it the same


Of course:+1:🏻 (20 characters)


Here's a recipe


I was actually thinking of a gingerbread cookies maker as I have tried complex games and after a while it became very blotchy but that was during the summer holidays ( late July to early september)


I just send you a recipe, for it. So we can put that in it. :grey_question::question:


I'm not allowed to go on websites but here's a recipe PS if your not British then you want know what bin fine night is
What country are you in?


I'm from the Netherlands so I will search what Bin fine night is, and btw your picture isn't uploading.


Here is the recipe I wanted to show you

I hope you'll like it.


I think a gingerbread cookie maker is a cool idea! can i be in charge with the leave a trail. (im bad at values)


can someone plz give me user and pass!!!