Lavender Club Discussion (With friendship2468 and AwesomeKitty)



I welcome the Lavender Club members, @friendship2468 and @AwesomeKitty. And, maybe, the forum community. To... the Lavender Club Discussion!
If you want to be in this too, visit this topic.

Okay, we will begin with a snowflake. The way this works is a competition, whoever finishes first (me not included) will win. Watch the Hopscotch Snowflake video if you need to first. (Only The Lavender Club Members.)

Begin! Post your link when you're done! The firsr finisher gets a surprise, which I will announce when they win!




@friendship2468 awesome! You beat @AwesomeKitty, which I haven't heard of.
Your prize is= your snowflake will be my profile picture for 6 days.


Another contest is to be hosted!
Calling: @friendship2468 @AwesomeKitty.
Make a quiz! The winner gets a later announced prize...
Watch the video if you need to!


Post the link on this topic when you're done!
(The winner depends on how much time it takes.)
Whoever finishes first wins.


Oh, sorry for not seeing this. I'm coming....


Done! I planned on doing more, but I'll finish later!


@AwesomeKitty, that's still an awesome quiz! Great! You win and your prize is... A Hopscotch shoutout and 20 Hopscotch likes!
First, what is your Hopscotch username?


My forum username! :wink:


The quiz is really good great job! Sorry for being on this topic. This is awesome




Totally that is true (I think :sweat_smile:)


@AwesomeKitty @friendship2468 do you have non-personal emails? I think we should make a collab account, and if I post the password, hackers might delete projects. So if I email the password, nobody will hack!


No, I onto have a school email, which I'm not permitted to share. Also, if we DO make a collab, I may not be on because of big projects.


Idk what to do... I don't want our account hacked.


No email... except meh school one


I would like to join, but it says on that other topic that you can't join anymore! :crying_cat_face: And I don't have an email.