LavaCode a Huge MegaCollab (Open for everyone) Join Now need more people



Anyone can join if you want to... and I want this collab to be active so plz join


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Collab List

Unidonut collab! Please join. Will give the password to anyone who wants it
Lava Code Logo w.i.p
Lava code H series Hub

I want to join!!!!!


We need more members


Tag random people, I guess


@KoalaKrazy Do you want to join?


Ummmm wats the collab going to be about?


I wanna join!


Coding of Course on HS


Ooh, I might join....
I might not be too active though, but I'll join....


We need maybe two more members for LavaCode currently
We already made the account though


Everybody, put this topic on watching


OK I did


When do you guys want the pass


Maybe when we have max amount of people in the collab. How about you put the password in the project? So we have to click edit, and the pass will be there
Just an idea


The password is the first word of the username


I know u didnt tag me but... I already know the password




Cant sign out of TACOCODE
I will forget the password to TACOCODE
i can show you some good code tho




I'm in