Latest save gets deleted when exiting the project

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  1. I don’t know it just happens

I expected this to happen: Save my game???

But instead this happened: Never stops saving

I was editing a project then I tried to save it but it wouldn’t stop loading! Now my progress erased!

Maybe it’s just me but it never takes a long time to save and I refreshed but it just erased my recent edits.

I just started so it isn’t that big of a deal but this has happened before which is really weird and super frustrating!!! It makes it so making a game on the web explorer is really really difficult

Sorry for the confusion!


If there’s not a way to reproduce it, there isn’t really anything that can be done to solve it. When you tapped the “save and exit” button, was the project in editing or playing mode? Was it a new or existing draft (or does it happen on both)? Is there anything about the internet connection that you think could be causing it?

I’m really sorry about this situation – that definitely shouldn’t be happening!

Because this is happening on a Windows machine, here’s something that would be helpful in debugging the problem: right before you tap Save and Exit, open the browser Dev tools (F12), and click the network tab . Then, after you click the button, there should be a list of requests like this:

Providing that screenshot when it fails would help figure out what part of the saving process is going wrong

That’s definitely understandable, and I would also be frustrated if I lost a lot of work on a project. Since the web editor is still so new though, I would suggest saving the project regularly (although, ideally, the project would auto-save) so that if this does happen at any given point, you don’t lose that much work.


I know I wish I could give an answer but there’s no pattern I’ve seen so far

Editing mode

I’m pretty sure both times were new drafts

No both times it was on different devices and connected to different wifi connections so that is unlikely

I did save it the second time before it happened but it still was erased but the first time I didn’t save beforehand

I’ll check it out tomorrow as I can’t right now


Thanks for the info

Like, it erased the whole after you exited the draft and came back into it? That should never happen, even if there is a bug going on.


Yes it erased the whole thing which was weird. When I refreshed the page (which was what I did with the infinite loading screen thing) it showed the game from the previous time I saved it (so all progress after I saved it was lost) but I couldn’t find it in my drafts.


It could’ve just taken a long time to save though but it usually doesn’t take more then a couple seconds which is why I didn’t wait for very long


Oh, I see. So it just didn’t show in your web explorer drafts? That should be recoverable if you let @Yuanyuan know what the title of the project was

Yeah the saving process on the web isn’t that great right now but it’s great to see projects get updated or published when it does work, which is most of the time I’d hope.


I re-made the game already (since I only started working on it today but I spent a good hour on it which still is frustrating) so there’s no need to email anyone

By the way, a workaround to this seems to be to create the project on the app, then edit it on the web explorer. That’s what I usually do I just forgot this time.


Ah, ok. So the only full project loss was with the new draft then? That makes sense, and thanks for clearing it up. Looks like that’s still something that would need to be investigated though


Yes since the only save was the whole game (for the first time)


I’ve run into this consistently the past few times I’ve used the web editor. I’m using Google Chrome OS Version 107.0.5304.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) on my Acer Chromebook. I use Google Chrome as my browser.

I can either create a draft or edit an existing one, and from time to time, I’ll press play to see what the project looks like, and it will work. Then, I’ll hit play, and it will keep loading, so I will either hit save and exit from there or go back to the editor and hit save and exit, and when I reenter the project, any code that has been added since the last time the project was saved is lost