Latest news from me!


Hey guys I got some good news and some bad news! To go ahead and get it out of the way here’s the bad news first: Broken Worlds and that other project I’ve been working on are going to be postponed due to the fact I’ve been taking huge breaks with Hopscotch. That being said here is the good news: I am hopefully back into motivation to keep working on the games and the project that I have been working on is call Super Shooter. I can’t tell you how it works just yet. That will come in a later time when it’s almost ready. So therefore, hope you all understand the setbacks that are going to happen! If you have any questions please ask them in the comments!


No questions here, just excited for your projects to come out! Good luck! •ᴥ•


I agree with @itzMya! I’m excited for your new projects.