(Late) My Hundredth Day!



So this is kinda late, really 3 days late,but let's just say, to say is my hundredth day! \(•o•)/! Please leave your compliments and congrats on here please. Also, this is going to go in one of my projects. Yay!


Awesome!! So cool!! I'm glad you've been on here 100 days!!


It's cool it's your 100th day! Congrats!


Happy 100th day to you!!
Happy 100th day to you!!
Happy 100th day dear @Fun_in_the_Sun
Happy 100th day to you!!

Sorry about the mixup. @seawolfwerehorse has the same background as you do. Should have checked the name. Sorry!!


I'm, @Fun_in_the_Sun!


Awesome! Congratulations in being here for 100 days! :D that's amazing


Congrats! It's my hundredth day today!


I know this is a bit random, but I didn't want to make a new topic out of it. @SmileyAlyssa, why does everyone have your profile picture right now? Am I missing an April Fools day joke?

Edit: Ok, that makes sense. I was thinking earlier, "Wait this is SnowGirl_Studios not SmileyAlyssa?" It hadn't loaded the usernames yet so it made it even more confusing.
Double Edit: Changed my profile pic, can you see it @SmileyAlyssa ? :sweat_smile:


Yeah, it's an April Fools Day joke :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay! Happy 100th birthday!