Ⓑlastℱusion's AMA!

(Ask me anything!) obviously Hopscotch related. I'd love to answer all your questions!

No personal information.

Well, get started!!!


Why did you join hopscotch?

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Because it was for an assignment.

Lol, that concept changed XD

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What inspires you when you code?

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So I used to check out featured and when I saw something amazing, it inspired me to do better.

Now-a-days I check the App Store for anything I could remake, and some games inspire me to make them!

Sometimes @Creationsofanoob, @Valgo and @MagmaPOP's projects really inspire me!


That's pretty cool @BlastFusion
(I love your games btw)
One more question thingy XD, any advice for new coders?

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My advice for new coders is to trial and error with all the blocks. And try to challenge themselves with difficult code.

And also for them to not worry about likes and remixes; to set a goal for themselves.

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Thanks for the great advice!

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My question is what did you use to make your profile picture?

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Mybluerobot.com, @danaball20