Last topic and post



This is our last topic...

oQuet hsti!!


Is this April Fools?


Just quote it!



Thanks, very helpful. :joy:


I'm not sure...probably not...


A school now! Bye!


Yes I quoted it and I saw it was!


Ha ha good one but you didn't fool me and my awesome moustache


Please log out of the account right now!


Destined Taco gratefully gave me this account, she just felt like my awesome moustache and I deserved it.


But what if you're a hacker and you're lying? Anyway, you really should create your own account, got the wrong forum info on there and people are going to be tagging you for collabs Destined_Taco1 is in, like me.


I think it's sarcasm lol


Please stay on-topic. Make sure all your posts are related to the title. Sorry, but please delete that post by tapping the ••• in the corner of your reply, then tapping the trash can. :wink:

You can't just ask someone a random question in the middle of a topic, you'll get flags, which will prevent you from getting Regular, and you don't want flags! It will take you even longer to get Regular if you have over 5 flags, the flags have to wear off. :wink:

@Stick88@Anonymous (tag to earn points for the point system)


What if I don't want to. Pls don't be a monitor and try to boss peeps around. I'll delete it


Good but not trying to me late just pointing it out you are GOT (getting off topic) every time so pls think before you post?


I'm not bossing you around, I'm trying to tell you what not to do in the middle of a topic. Besides, you're a new user, new users don't know much about the forum. :wink:


Umm the points I do are game points...


Okay, right. Better check that again, sorry.