Last Minute Shoutouts!



Hey guys it's CP here! On this one optic I will give my last minute shoutouts to the people which have supported me and helped me on my hopscotch journey! Please check them out give them a few likes or maybe a follow!
First shoutout go's to....
@YuxinaYammy she quit hopscotch but was such a wonderful friend to me!
@XiaoMiaoMi she changed her name to Ahivelight but congratulations for THT for liking your projects! I'm glad you're my friend!
@SmileyAlyssa thanks for the follow! You supported me a lot and made me a better coder! Thank you!
@randomowlsLC for praising me and making such great projects!
@LotsaPizza thanks for liking my projects it's such an honour to have you in the community.
@Kiwicute2016 you are a great coder and you always help people out! I am a big fan!
@Stampys_fans for being a great friend on the forum and hopscotch! Thank you!
@PandaBlossom you coding skills are awesome! Keep up he great coding!
@IShallNotBeNamed I love your coded OC! Great idea! Thank you!!!!!!! For the follow! I will miss NoName!
@everyone! Keep up making great projects and making awesome contributions in the community!

Thank you from: @CrystalPanda
I'm ArcticGlaceon on hopscotch!


Wait yuxinayammy quit hopscotch?


Yea, she said she was just too busy for HS ;-;


This is really nice! Am I allowed to post my shoutout son here? Or not? I don't mind, as I will always know who my friends are!(and I will give you a shoutout either way when I get back on HS! Definitely!)


Yeah! Of course your allowed to post shoutouts here!


My shoutouts :slight_smile:
@Crystal Panda
@Botanist girl 24
@ Everyone

Lol, there are way more!(should I tag or not? I understand it no :slight_smile:


You should tag the people so they can see it!


Mass tagging is when you tag lots of people for no reason. You get flagged for mass tagging but if you do it for shoutouts, It's totally ok :D

If you want to tag a mass of people for a reason or to see something in a topic, use the friendly mass tag list which I'll get a link to in a sec...

Link to the friendly mass tag list


I have a shoutout!
@SmilingSnowflakes for always making awesome projects. And I know I've said it before but you are my favorite Hopscotcher! You are amazing!


Sure, you should tag!


Thank you so much! :D
You are awesome!


Oh, NoName won't be gone for too long...:wink: