Last message for the week I guess


Hi I'm rushing type this so if you don't understand what I'm typing ask @FoodDelivery

Le news

I will be inactive for a week. Thai week, there are Lots of test. Don't wxpect a project.


Okey, bai fren...


Thanks, Frenpai @DMF

Gah. I shouldn't be here.The forum is too addicting.


I still have a few minutes


Yes ik. I'm spending way more time on forum than hopscotch itself!


Nah. I'll be inactive in both HS AND ITS FORUM


Bai, I guess. We'll miss you and your awesome projects!


Everyone is so inactive at this time of day!


This time? I'm at GMT+8, which I doubt many people are at... It's sad being lonely;-;


You're in USA?
I'm at GMT!


Dk you happen to live in the middle of Indonesia?


Close, I'm in Malaysia. Which... Is right above Indonesia. You were close :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh it's a 2 hour flight to Malaysia form here


No, I believe USA is GMT-8, right? Still, though, I'm glad I'm not in USA right now. I don't like walls blocking my vision :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg I'm lmho rn.

TRUMP FOR PREZ....really not.


Me too!

@DinoProductions: aw ;-;


I know.


Ok, see you later! Good luck with the tests!


Okey, bai fren...