LaShae's General Topic


You can talk about me in hopscotch, ama, and if you need help or critism come here!!! I am a very flexible person and I like to have fun. Buh, I hate being in drama. Don't be mean, start flame wars, or be cranky. Every day is one day closer friday people, les not fight. Other than that do whatevs and have fun!!

Extra Stuff

Also, bt-dubs LaShae is my middle name and you can call me queenie, shae, shae shae, or LaShae!! Pls dont call me shaw shaw, sha sha, or Lashaw. Its just weird.


What would you add to HS?


Hi, LaShaShaw! xD


I would add a bunch of new characters!!!


Errmmmmmm no.........




Hi ShaeShae I’m sorry if I don’t reply to your texts, my dad literally broke my phone in half, and I’m also going to camp so I won’t be able to. I’m not ignoring you I just literally can’t reply. I hope you see this!


Whaaat why would your dad do this


Oo crabs thats bad how he do that?


Erm it was a bit overkill-ish but he was angry at me for lying.

On the upside I’ve always wanted to see the inside of a phone!


He threw it and stepped on it and banged it etc… lel how would you break a phone?


Yeah, I guess there are two sides of that XD
Sorry about your phone…


Gooodbyee for threee weeks! (I’m going to camp)


Byeeeee have fun!!!


Happy Anniversary @QueenShaeShae!! :gift::gift::balloon::balloon::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::tada:


Ah tank u vewy much!


No problem! Hope you enjoy it!! : D


as my present to youuu…you get a request! please describe very well.


Heyyy gurl wasaaaap???


just pleh-ness mixed with a lil’ bit of meh. you?
so what’s your request?