Lasers’ Coding School! Learn to code 🌈 ! *students & teachers needed!



Omigosh you have a pet hedgehog they’re adorable!!


Awww thanks she is loads of fun (obviously according to her sprinting the way out of my room XD)


Anymore peeps want to join?? (Teachers or students) @pomtl sry if you don’t want to


HS user name: HardcoreHufflepuff
What subject/type of project: shape art, trail art. Not math!
How many days a week are you free to teach?: after school and on the weekend
Why do you want to teach?: to help others Ig?
How old are you? {OPTIONAL}: doesn’t excactly matter now does it


K. Cool I’ll add u


User name : @KyGuy64
Subject : Making games
Time you can teach : Everyday but after school (but I am home schooled)
What do you wanna teach : Getting to know variables
Age : Almost 12 :confused:


User name : @Rodrik834
Subject : Using clones, creating 2.5D, using variables, etc.
Time you can teach : Weekends
What do you wanna teach : General teaching
Age : 13