Lasers’ Coding School! Learn to code 🌈 ! *students & teachers needed!



Hi everyone! I kinda wanted to open my own coding school! Of course there will be other teachers and we need students! So if you are interested in either roles, keep on reading. The one catch is if you are in the school-working or learning, you must have HS. You also must be fairly active on HSF. Think about what you would rather be (student or teacher) I will give you a second…okay do you know? Good! Read what role you picked and read/do what is inside.

Teachers <3
Fill out this form,
HS username:
What subject/type of project:
How many days a week are you free to teach?:
Why do you want to teach?:
How old are you? {OPTIONAL}:
NOTE-there can be more than on teacher to a subject

Students ;p
HS username:
How many days would you like to learn a week?:
What would you most like to learn?
How old are you? {OPTIONAL}:

To be decided

To be enrolled

@laser_eyed_puppy pixel art
@FearlessPhoenix pixel art or shape art “but I can teach anything” -FP
@HardcoreHufflepuff shape art or trail art
More to be hired

Thank you for reading all of this! More fun surprises and prizes are on your way! Thanks!


Hey what’s up! i haven’t seen you before, are you new?


Actually I have been here since 2016​:joy::joy::joy:


Topics not finished yet lol XD


Lol I have seen you and I’m kinda new lol


Well you have been here for a solid 3 months. :ok_hand:t2::+1:t2:


Lol ya… Ig I’ll be a teacher for stuffs


Sounds coolio :slight_smile:


Ur in fearless, thanks for applying


Thank you !!

It’s nice to have you back, laserpai


Nice to be back <3


Man I hope i can make it back to regular, I was gone for a while lol

But congrats on being a leader fearless


Lol thanks.
You’ll get reg back, ik you will :DD


Teachers <3
Fill out this form,
HS user name: tankt2016
What subject/type of project: values, clones, shape art, trail art, etc. A lot of stuff ig. Not math tho.
How many days a week are you free to teach?: literally all the time, I’m on here waayyyy too much
Why do you want to teach?: to help others learn
How old are you? {OPTIONAL}: does it even matter lol? wouldn’t skill be more important?


Lol that is why it is optional
Your in FYI :+1:t2:


Nice idea! I might consider applying for a teacher. I don’t have time to fill in the form right now, but I will most likely do it later.


Oh hiiiii
I haven’t talked to you in a while
I’m glad your back
How’s life?


Also this is a pretty nice topic!
(I probably won’t be that active for this though :confused:)


Life’s fine :ok_hand:t2::wink: having fun with mai hegie


Forgot to ask, what do u want to teach mindcool? @Mindcool24