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Does this bother anyone else!?! What is the difference between Check Once If and Check If else!!! There can only be a few reasons The Hopscotch Team did this.....
-They mean different things
-It was a mistake
Repost with your idea(s) or if you agree with me repost with the reason you agree with me and the reason. Have fun with this!:+1:🏻


They mean diffrent things. :slight_smile:

Hai! What are ya working on in hs??


Check if else :grinning: = :yum:

Check if :grinning: = :yum:

If :grinning: does equal :yum:, check else will only do :green_apple:.
With the other option, if :grinning: = :yum:, it will do :green_apple: and then :apple:, not just :green_apple:, like check else.


Jus checking in random topics