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Hai this is my general topic! As in the title, here you can do AMA, I can help you with your games, I will announce big project drops and so much more!




Kewl general topik!


Hi lolly (is it okay if I call you that @lollypopcorn????)


Yes you can call me that laserpai!


Ooooh that will be my new nickname lolly laserpai!


Yes! Laserpai is your new nickname! :D


You can use it if you like lolly


Yayz ;D


So what kind of projects are you working on?


I am working on a art pad for my new art club


Also can I add you to my "frenpai" list


Cool! And yes! Lol ;D ;D


Anyone on????? They finally made a potato emoji!๐Ÿฅ”


That's cool! But I can't get iOS 10 so too bad for meeeeee

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Rate my coding... if you need to check me out my HS username is NeonPuppy413


Hi! @laser_eyed_puppy! How are you?


I'm good Dolphy! My new nickname is laserpai


Awwww, I want to call you puppy




You can @KiraForPrez I could have a few nicknames that one will go in my bio 2!


Hi @Explorer_ nice 2 see everyone