Las Vegas Massacre



58+ People died…
Just going to leave that here.

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There’s already a topic on this but whatever. People need to know about current events that are going on. I’m praying for all of you! :pray:t2:


i watched the footage its gruesome
.-. why they call muslim shootings terrorist attacks but when a white person does it its just a shooting?


I don’t want to watch it .-.


its sad tough, things people will do just to get some attention
a bright screen seems like an easy target
is some fame worth your life?


suspicious, how could a single person injure like 600 people? in a matter of minutes? doesnt seem likely…


Well, the guy kind of committed sui.cide… soo… I don’t think he’d do it for fame. Maybe he did though. You never know what people are thinking


i was talking about the people filming it


Well, most people were probably injured because of people trampling each other to escape the shooting.


Ohhh… okay that makes more sense


Rip everyone died in the shooting


Oh gosh my friend was there! I think she might have gotten hit! I should text her. I hope she okay.


“terrorism” is fighting done with some kind of political purpose

But still terrorism or not this is a total tragedy


excellent point


this is terrible.


well he had an automatic or semi automatic gun which is illegal in the us. You pull a trigger and it fires everywhere. Also a lot of people thought it was fireworks.


i’m more then slightly worried as to how easily he seems to have acquired an illegal weapon




Australia has banned guns and the worst thing that happened with guns is when someone was caught with one in their bag


People were saying it doesn’t count because there’s no “political” beliefs behind it…