Large Size and Clone creates lots of lag

Scaling and transforming those scaled objects are generally a lot more intensive than position and operations, and that doesn’t just go for Hopscotch.


Yeah, I was just very surprised by how much it lagged my device. My iPad hadn’t ever lagged until that project.

Or just destroy them.


Same with me, I agree with this

I find that things tend to lag with lots of clones, and adding lots of clones was one of the steps to reproduce your problem. Try removing the clones, and then see what happens. If it still lags, then the problem is probably the giant text, and if it doesn’t lag, the problem is probably the clones.

After reading this, my opinion has slightly changed. My theory:
Your project could handle the clones, sine, and cosine. But when you added a size element it was probably just too much for the project to handle. I’m not sure if this is correct, it is just a theory,

I hope this bug gets fixed soon and you can get back to coding without any bugs :slightly_smiling_face:

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No, I tested that by only growing the clones without adding any other code

The insane happening only after I grow a large amount of clones.


Got it. Then I don’t really know.

Seems like this happens purely because of the size. Even though the text is blank, I think there’s some upscaling happening with text drawing. Not entirely sure though. If this doesn’t happen anymore, though, we can close the topic.

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