Large Pixel Art



Want to make that super cool thing in pixels on Hopscotch, but don't know the exact placement of the colors go? Then I will help.
(This does not show basic pixel art instructions. If you want that, use Hopscotch's video. Also, people who have been on Hopscotch for a while probably already knows this.)

My method? Perler bead patterns. If one doesn't exist for your object, there are websites that can convert a photo.

1) Search "(item) perler bead pattern" in Google (or preferred search engine) Photos.

2) Take a screenshot of your chosen pattern and bring it up in Photos. Go into your multitasking bar and go to Hopscotch.

3) Add an ability, and do the method of a pixel ability with the shade of your pixel (you can use custom colors).

4) Repeat for all of the colors.

5) Go into the multitasking bar and look at the pattern (you don't have to go into it, just look) and follow the same method of making pixel art.

6) Make sure you add the abilities for each line, as it will become cluttered VERY fast if it is long.

7) Repeat with any cool pixel art you want to do!

This is my method of creating intricate pixel art, but it is only a suggestion. I created the Iron Man Pixel Art and Plants VS Zombies Peashooter using this method. Have fun!
(I'm sorry about the lack of photos, I couldn't figure out how to add them :pensive:)


Wow this is helpful! Thanks!


How do you pixelate the images?


What do you mean? For patterns? There are some websites online I think




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what if i want to make small pixel art


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