Lang. Switch Project!



I want you to look at my Languages
It helps Hopscotchers who don't understand English understand what Hopscotch means. So, if you do speak another language listed on there, click that language and read the text.


I take this as a adevertisment.


Read it again. It's not an advertisement that helps other hopscotchers


Oh, ok @friendship2468, I see, but can't they just use google translate???


If they use Hopscotch, this makes it easier.


It's nous condons pour le plaisir
Not nous code pour le plaisir


And it's Nederlands, because otherwise you are saying that you are dutch, so please remove the e at the end:joy::joy:


I don't speak Dutch, but I also don't speak perfect French. I don't remember as much French when I used to speak it.


It's alright, I just wanted to tell you, so you can edit it.:+1:🏻:+1:🏻


Add Русский! (Russian :wink:)


@friendship2468, did you use simplified or traditional Chinese? (Simplified is most commonly used.) Also, Zhōngguó means China. Zhōngwén, however, means Chinese (the language) Since I don't have the update I wasn't able to see your project, but it is a really good idea and a really awesome project! I'm just trying to make it better here and easier for people to understand.


I'm not sure I think I used traditional