Landscape is back



Thanks, THT! This is awesome! Wait... Is it weird I was just codinh in landscape and did not realize it. XD
Edit: huh. I diden't even update it yet..,,.
After I have updated AWESOME!!!!!!!


Reaction GIFs! WARNING! There's a lot :joy:


Btw @Liza and @Rodrigo and TROTH, I like the new orientation stuff! The only problem I have is I need to have Orientation Lock off, which I don't like turning off. Also there's a glitch with how projects are displayed in the tabs on Landscape mode - the gap becomes much wider…


Wait a second.. Landscape is back? ;u;

How much did I miss ;u;


THANK YOU!!!! I was the first one to right a review!


Thanks SO much. It really means a lot to us :x


Eep! There are a few bugs like this. We decided it was more important to get you guys the landscape option sooner rather than wait until we squashed all the bugs. So thanks for bearing with it!


Woah! I just got the new new (is there another new idk XD) update! XD

My problems are all solved now ;u;



No prob! And thanks for doing that, I felt like I was holding an oversized phone before :joy:

And it's not major, just bizarre :wink:



I can't wait to play with these cool features when I get a chance! :D

You guys are awesome! c:


Yaaaaas! Now our iPad plug won't break, and it will be much easier to code!

I love this update! :D



Btw hi LL!!!!'!!


Nothing changed after the update.


Hoi KVJ!

My internet was broken ;-;

for a while

so I played soccer 'till I got soaked...

But if I had Hopscotch I would not be soaked xD


Lol I got mildly soaked today ironically…

BoT (on this topic at least :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


@Liza, do you know that beta?

Since I have a school ipad, I dont have the appstore, but I have the old beta... Do you think you can do the same here?



finding bub:disney's new movie

still, the new "tap to reveal all the code" can get the coding a bit cluttered, and make some people lazy by tapping the stuff all the time



Yeet! Now I won't have exhausted wrists from holding my iPad!!


Yay! :D

Thanks, Hopscotch Team! :D