Landscape and Portrait modes. Disappointing just before publishing


Hi there,

I’ve designed and just about completed a fairly elaborate game. It’s looking great and I would like to share with the community.

However, I updated to the latest version 3.21.1 today. And my Landscape oriented game no longer rotates into landscape mode on the iPhone or iPad. :confused:

I’m looking for a solution / suggestion to resolve this.
As this very long development time goes to waste in portrait mode now.

Can I role back to older version?
Can the orientation be corrected to display (play ) in landscape format
What else ?
Anything more?

I’ve seen something written about Hopscotch now only in Portrait mode. Say it a’int so, because the common device displays in landscape mode. Cinema was created and still conforms to landscape mode. Design for both formats would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



There is a secret message above


Does the rest of your Hopscotch app rotate normally?


got that right. what even


Correction, iPad version rotates fine.
iPhone does not rotate to landscape in game, or at all.



Everything okay now then?


Hopscotch hasn’t been only portrait for playing in more than a year now… that’s odd.


That’s in editor, right?

It should only be in editor.


All is good on the iPad. editor and play mode.

However the iPhone wont go into landscape at all. (phones orientation is not locked, I’ve checked)
Perhaps I will delete the app on the phone and re install… ?


and Thanks for the input thus far. :slight_smile:


turn your phone before you tap the project
go into the editor, turn your phone, then play the project

these both work for me


iPhone is meant to on.y be in portrait, I think.


Last I checked that was only the editor.


Is your game published? You should be able to play published projects in landscape on the iPhone. Can you share a link?


Hi Liza,

No I have not published it as yet, some game features are being completed.
I hope to publish this week, finally.

Thank you for checking in, I’ll reach out once published.