Laggy Hopscotch


My hopscotch is very laggy. Does anyone else have this problem?

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It is hard to put my code in it, especially with rule “rainbow” blocks.


Well, mine is occasionally. Then again, my whole ipad has been laggy.


Mine’s been laggy for a while, especially the keypad and math stuff. Idk about custom rules because I don’t use them often.


It’s probably just your wifi


You dont need wifi to use hopscotch


I am not 100% sure why yours is laggy, because the majority of people who voted on your poll disagreed. I think it has something to do with your device alone, or how you use the app personally.



Hopscotch is not laggy for me at least. My Hopscotch Apps works fine, although on one of them (the newer version), notifications doesn’t always load or display properly.


Yes becase theres nothing you can do onhposcotch other than look at your notifiactions


The same thing happens in most menus including featured, published, and much more


Mine lags I the editor when working on larger projects. It’s really annoying, but at least it doesn’t crash. I would have quit by now if that were the case.


I wish I could help out
I kept going on about this for literally one and a half years

The truth is,
Check your device. Older ones can’t tolerate lag.


My device is about a year old. Its an ipad pro


I have the pro 9.7 inch do u?


Ok thanks. I think it might have been my wifi. Its gone.


IDK… I forgot where my ruler is!


Are u still logged out o& your acount?