Lag on Demo of Game!


Heheh. So I'm making probably my biggest project (bigger then the last biggest project) and I notice that the lag is unreal when you draw "it" can someone figure out how to delag it, screenshot the code, and let me know? Here's the link to the demo. link to demo


Here are the reasons:

  1. Clones are laggy (duh!)
  2. When the character is cloned, it checks a bunch of stuff. Checking is pretty laggy!


Darn, you made it before I started coding it :laughing:...
Also I agree with @Rawrbear


Well, one thing:

  1. It doesn't draw well because you used "Create a Clone" and then made the clone "Set Text to •", which will make it leave a trail of dots. You made the clone do a spiral draw, but without the spiraling.
  2. You used way too many "Check Once If"s on that one rule on the "Draw" object.
  3. There's no room for drawing, so people won't think it's a good game.
  4. I really think there should be an eraser. To make that possible, try using long text objects for the lines and small circles for the holes.

Wait, that was 4 things.


I think this is a draw to play game, so I don't think an eraser would be possible! :wink:


I edited the title, so it's easier for people to help! :D

If you want, you can change it back, but I think it's more helpful like this.


Yes this is a draw to play. It's really hard... But I can do it