Lacrosse collab and lacrosse chat


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Ok @PenguinGaming713, we can talk about our collab and lacrosse here!

If you're not @PenguinGaming713, please don't steal our ideas.


I think it would be best to trade drafts rather than a new account. Btw, what time zone do you live in? It's okay if you don't want to tell, I just want to know when we should work on it. Where I live, it's around 8:00 right now. And I leave for school at 8:00 am and school is over at 3:20, but I have to do homework.



What position do you play?

Has I said before, I play goalie, and I only let it one or two shots in a whole game, and I block around ten.


You sound really good! My team needs you! I usually play midfield, but attack occasionally.


We can trade drafts!

I don't whant to share my time zone, but right now where I live it's 8 o'clock in the morning!

I have school from 8 to 320 also!

I have lacrosse practice almost every night, so I'm not on ALL the time, but I'm on frequently!


Same here! I have lax practice 4 times a week.


You also sound Good! I don't like being a middie, because I don't like to run!


We had a game yesterday, and the other team was VIOLENT! They were slashing at our heads and tripping us! We all just walked off the field and left!


I also have lax practice four times a week. I also have 2 games on the weekends.

I have to go, we can talk later, but I do have lax practice tonight!


Oof, my team has played games like that! Violent teams are the worst!


Okay! Sounds great! Talk to ya later!


I'm at home with meh homework done. I'm on my phone right now and I hate coding on my phone, so I'll create it in a bit.


I just created the game! I have the goal(kinda) it was rushed. The crease is giving me brain pains, because we need to have it look like part of the crease is behind the goal.


Can you give me a link to it? We have to make it together, we can each add some code!


Sure! One sec! Almost there.

Should be it!


Gtg, lax practice! I'll be on later!


Okay! @ me when your done!


I'm back, but I need to do my homework and stuff. The net looks really good so far! I'll be on the forum for a little bit longer, but th n I have to get of!


The net could use some tweaking. We need to make a goalie. That might be hard. And the crease.