Kylo Ren's new project topic


Hi! I made a promise to my lord and savior Darth Vader that I’d finish what he started, and it turns out he started using Hopscotch.
So I have made one project so far, I hope you like it.


Oh hi kylo ren!

Welcome to hopscotch.


Nice! Do you think you could make Han Solo go a bit faster? @KyloRen


Hello and welcome to the forum!


Are you NindroidGames? If not, apparently, you two know each other irl since he invited you.




But then it’d take longer.


Nindroid likes Han Solo.

I bet he doesn’t even worship Darth Vader.


No, he’s Kylo Ren. Isn’t that obvious?


How would you know that unless you weren’t knew? If you aren’t him, how do you two know each other irl


Uhh, I looked through his posts.




Thank you. You are an honorable grandson.


I am aren’t I.