KVJ for President-look for more info-


What? I just said I a man a active member and that I read the topics


Do you have a general topic?


Yes I do but I have to eat so I'll be back in like 20min


K bye when you get back answer my questions I'm about to put on


Yes, KVJ for president!

For Hopscotch president!

Any disagreements? Any other nominations??

And actually, who'll be the Vice President nominee??

I have no idea... whoops


Me xD I'm the best!!


if i was president for hopscotch i would secretly ban publishing projects


@hopscotch_king what's the reason for??


Do you want me to make you a logo just like:



YASSSS! Tho there shouldn't b an American flag his from England plus if it's the hopscotch president there should be the hopscotch logo


0h my gravitybendingglobbitygeckos thanks!

M8 I'm British...


I agree lol #britishlife