KVJ, a problem with your game



It's a little annoying.
Well, when you're about 2 seconds in to reading the instructions, you die and they dissapear.
I really think there should be a play button so the game can start when you're ready.
Otherwise, it's a great game.

Try seeing for yourself.


Yeah, sorry about that! I realised it might be a problem, but I just reasoned that it would be fine because you could just restart. Is it quite a big problem because I could fix it if necessary?
Also, thanks very much for pointing that out. If you have ANY other criticisms/ideas I would love to hear them and improve my projects! That also applies to anyone else reading this!


Well, it's kind of hard to read it with restarting it every 2 seconds (I've got a point), so you should probably make a 2.0 version with the play button and drop-down instructions or something that lets you start the project when you're ready.


I don't really think that it's that bad. Still is a very nice topic


Actually, this is a topic. And games bad art and other stuff on Hopscotch are projects. :wink:

It's still a good game, that's just the only issue.


Sorry it was a typo. XD


Oh the days when I actually had Feature-worthy projects :joy:

Remember: I do love feedback :smiley: