Koala Krazy is back in town!


Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back, as many of you or just some of you know...for those who don't know me, I'm Koala Krazy. I'm super nice, friendly, and hard-working with code. If you haven't seen my TRON project, then here's the link. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xxzxfecji
It got featured, by the way, (not to brag) but it now has 4,206 likes. I am still really happy, and hopefully it encourages other Hopscotchers to make projects above & beyond. So, anyways, I'm back. This is a school iPad, so it was taken away for like, 12 weeks. So hi! I'm back! So happy to see everyone! Just trying to spread the news, but, the overall word is.....hi. I'm back!


Hi I remember you! You said you liked my profile picture!


Yeah.....! I remember that :blush:


Hi @KoalaKrazy! Welcome back! Are you coding any cool projects? :smile:


Yeah, totally! I'm coding a rely cool lottery machine! It has a bug at the moment, but I will get it fixed and published in the next few days! :wink:


Man, it feels so good to be back on the forum


You said that you have a school iPad, right? What does that mean exactly? Do you get to use Hopscotch during class??:grinning: I wish I got to do that


Well, the class coded a science project in hopscotch....hang on let me get the link


Here! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xuvjknoh1

CrookedCat6519 was in my class, thebluewombat, FootballLovesJosh, but he left hopscotch.
So most of us have science projects.



Also hi again!



I missed to forum so much......the forum is like family

Where everyone is happy


I have to leave for school soon and I won't have much time on the forum. :frowning:


:smile::smile:Hi @KoalaKrazy :grinning::smile::grinning::smile:


Do you Rember me? I sure do Rember you!


I love that game! Nice to meet you!


Hi!!! I won't have much time to talk, I'm at school......but HI!


Hi! Uh, it's me again. I changed my profile picture! I was just wondering who liked my new one better than my old one.

  • - Old one was better!
  • - New one was better!
  • -IDK....?


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Just wondering :wink:


Well, kinda. My school has school iPads, and Im actually on one now. The way my school does it is that they have some apps on it that we use a lot, and some apps that are still educational, but you can do outside of school. Which is where hopscotch comes in. :smile: