Kiwicute2016 is now a Moderator!


Hey you listen up are you tired of Kiwicute struggling to open the drawing topic? Well fear no more! KC2016 is now a mod!


@Kiwicute2016 congrats on getting mod!


She became a mod 1-2 months ago, you know... :sweat_smile:

But @Kiwicute2016 is definitely a person worth making a topic about! :smile:


I thought she became leader a couple months ago


Yeah, she was a leader, but now is officially a mod! :slightly_smiling:


Oh, okay :sweat_smile:


I was about to say....


This is a test post to show Kiwi how to approve/deny flags. Please flag post this as off topic.


Ok! I don't flag much so this will feel good! What should I flag? Your post?


Have I proven myself yet?
I learned that flags come every minute... Which isn't so good.


Congratulations @Kiwicute2016! :D


Perfect! I guess I don't have to make a thread about this anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Approve means the flag is valid and the post will be hidden/a message sent to the poster
Deny means the flag gets removed
Defer means 'take no action' (You really don't use this one alot)
The 'delete' button deletes the post without registering the flag as approved/denied.

But how do you know what to approve/deny? Well, here is what @Liza told me:
'In general, I only remove posts that are mean, rude, or inappropriate. This includes calling someone a name, saying that something is dummb, or otherwise bringing someone down. If a post is not really on topic but brings people together to build the community, that's okay. An example of this would be talking about a movie or pets. It's not exactly related to Hopscotch, but it helps people learn about each other.

If the post adds to the conversation (expresses support, etc.) it's okay with me. If it's just random and feels like spam, delete. I know this distinction is kind of vague, which is why your good judgement is so important :slightly_smiling: When agreeing, send the PM so the user knows it was removed.'
So yeah, as Liza said, it's very subjective but you have to trust your judgement.
Usually just go with your gut :wink:

For the drawing topic, the reason the bot war happens is that the flags aren't dealt with. If the drawing topic gets closed (or any other topic you want open that gets closed for flags) just go and approve/deny the flags (you don't have to deny them for it to work) on the topic, and then open it, and it won't close again.

(Also, @Liza, you said something about making some sort of google chat for the staff? That would be helpful, we currently use a very unorganized google doc :P)
You don't have to worry about akismet, that's just a spam filter that gets dealt with by the admins.


Ooooh lots of fancy business stuff happening in my topic!


Here's a like! :heart:


Yeah! I have Google Hangouts, and it is awesome! I'll invite you to one. The website is It's helpful for talking about things not so related to Hopscotch!


congrats on mod! (now there's an open leader spot xD)


(looks at PT and F4LO) Uh...we got some new leaders already XD


oh (XD again)


How do you become a moderator?


An admin like Liza promotes you!