@Kiwicute2016 I saw you on the hopscotch blog!



It was probably like last year! But you are amazing. You've gone to the hopscotch hq, been interviewed and come back even better. WOW. Just WOW


It was a lot of fun :smiley:


WOW, I just read it! It's amazing! You must've been really lucky, being able to go to HS HQ!
btw, great job on winning those competitions! You must've been a talented dancer/skater/pianist!



I know it's so cool!i may be going soonish by that I meen like October in 2 years!


Thank you! :D

I just recently went to another piano comp!


Best of luck!
I play piano, but I'm not good enough to compete!



I didn't know you played the piano @Kiwicute2016! That is so cool. I used to too. @Intellection74 and emmabutterfly444 are really good pianists too! They sometimes compete, but they mostly have recitals. (I come to them all :D)


What was it like going to the hopscotch headquarters @Kiwicute2016?


I used to play piano also!


Check out the blog!

I recently went to three piano competitions!


Cool! Sounds fun


Where is the blog?


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