@KiwiCute2016 I have a question for you



How r potatoes related to hopscotch related bc it doesn't seem hopscotch related however ur always talking abt them so do i have the right to flag you for off
topicness ....it seems like it.....so yea​:grinning: I love ur code @Kiwicute2016 and all but I feel like you think just bc you are a leader you can do anything you want and that sorta bothers me


It's a bit of an inside joke, it just means, "Let's all be positive! YAAAY!"



Well... The rule is not hopscotch related topics aren't allowed, the rule with posts is not as tight. XD

As far as I've seen I haven't seen many purely potato posts from Kiwicute (am I missing something? XD), so I think it's okay. XD

Like @treefrogstudios said, it's something nice and funny, maybe a reminder to be on topic would be better than a flag?


Well still it's not Hopstotch related


I've rarely seen completely off-topic potato posts in the 288 days I've been here. Especially not by Kiwi.


Well I did and I flagged them


And I don't lie I promise


I haven't posted about potatoes in first person since I came here I believe. Like people said, it's an inside joke and the forum rules are not supposed to be super strict so that's why a little off-topicness is allowed. And like @SmilingSnowflakes, reminders would be better than straight up flagging, because (a) mods like me can see who flagged and (b) it would help others in the future.


The only problem is that KC can deny the flags XD


Although we should stay on topic, Liza wants the forum to be a fun place, not tightly bound by rules.


Ok I just thought I saw you post 2 days ago or 2 weeks ago something like that abt potatoes I'm sry if I'm wrong @Kiwicute2016 :pensive::pensive::pensive:everyone is going to hate me now​:sob:


Chillax a mistake is a mistake!
Don't say hat.e; it's a deeper word than most people realise


No, no one's going to hate you.

Hate's a strong word, and we all learn from our mistakes, and have mistakes, it's okay. :D

What @KVJ said! XD


Potato posts are for saying "Let's be positive! :stuck_out_tongue:" I'd say it's OK :D


I know but now I have my first flag and I know you guys think that's not a big deal but it's acutally a big deal for me like really big deal @SmilingSnowflakes


@Kiwicute2016 do you hate me now


It's not.

Calm down, it'll be okay. They're just reminders to think before you post.


Hey it's fine. I got my first flag yesterday and I panicked. But like Kiwi said on her topic, they don't matter too much except in bad situations!


Why are flags a bad thing?

Why are they something to be ashamed of?

Why are they something to freak out about?

They're not! They're just a reminder from the community. :D

If you think about it, are they really bad?

Just think about it.
Just think about it a lot.

It's a reminder not to do that thing, and learn from your mistakes. :3