KIWI STOP! Don't leave! You promised!


Ok kiwi please don't even think about leaving.

You promised that if you left you would end up like T1


Don't even try to make a grand speech

PT told me



oh jeez

I told you

oh wow

this is



who's T1??? o_0


Old mod that was with BAS and kiwi at the time and now had stuff to do so she pops in the forums once in a month or so


KIWI NO!!!! Please no!!!! The whole forum is falling apart, I don't even think it'll survive without you ;-;


@t1_hopscotch is an extremely helpful, kind, and fabulous person. :)


This so too much drama to handle


This was way to sudden by THT's part


I agree with you

This happened too fast


No. I'm gonna be t1 now. Don't you worry.


I'll be on every now and then until I forget about this place.


You'll forgets about us???


You'll... forget about us...?


I'm going to anyway kiwi ur great


Will you ever forget about the forums?


Long and short term memory loss. Happens all the time.