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Hiiiiii we can talk about coding, art, and other stuff hopscotch related here. Wat shall I make when I return to Hopscotch? I can't think of anything I should make... :frowning: So any ideas? And btw I am getting my new iPhone 5 for Christmas with iOS 10 so I'll be able to get hopscotch on it


I'll be able to come back




My beautiful art




Hai der


How do u know u you are getting it for Christmas? Do u get money on Christmas??? Or did your parents tell u?


Hello there, I like you're profile picture.


Wow, you're a great artist! I like your profile picture a lot!


They ask me what I want and they get it. When I was younger it was always a suprise though


took half an hour to draw


What HS project are you working on right now Kitty?


Well.... I can't have HS on my School iPad anymore.... So I'm only using the forum.. But I'm getting my own iPad or iPhone I can use HS on.... So right now I am not doing anything on Hopscotch.. But when I come back I'll make a cool pixel art thing if I remember how.


i farted please suspend me ya moronsPlease :grimacing::dash: I farted

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  • Should I leave
  • Or should I get myself suspended?
  • Or should I just do nothing


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@Liza suspend me please because I farted