KitKat26's General Topic! : D


I can help you with Algerbra homework if you need it
(Cleans gifted student badge right in front of you)


Not that I have a badge


Haha thx for the offer. I’m doing pretty good, and we have a test tomorrow, so I’m trying to finish up some homework I missed while I was sick yesterday and then studying… HopscotchRemixer, the gifted student, I would have never thought… ; )


Oh wow thank you, wait I probably already told you that


Told me what? About the gifted student badge?


Well I think I have said that several times on the forum


tbh you’re like the leader of the forum lol


Who are you talking about? Hopefully not me


Who were you talking to?


You’re always there in anniversaries and bdays


Awww thanks! But leaders are more than just wishing people happy birthday/anniversary, IMO. ; )


Yeah but no one sees your efforts tbh


I know… I guess I’m more of a quiet, happy, leader(ish) type of forumer.


i have no idea why i decided to log in but man it’s been a long time how’ve y’all been? i forgot about this place for so long lol


Hi! Welcome back!