KitKat26's General Topic! : D


Nothing much wbu? :3


Nothing much either. I'm having going to be having dinner then going to swim practice. :swimmer:🏻‍♀️


Hello, @Kitkat26! :D

I have some questions:

What's your favorite animal?
What's your favorite food?
What's your favorite color?
How are you today?
Do you like waffles or pancakes better?


Purple or teal
Pretty good. It's really cold here
Pancakes definitely


Awesome! Thanks for your answers!


Hoi @BerryFOX!


Hello, @Lisa1045!

I'm out of likes again :U






Okay ummm guys you have to help me lol but uh my sister wants to download scratch but which one is it? i honestly have no clue XD @OMTL


Scratch Jr.

The one with the cat.


ScratchJr is the most official one for iPad, but its for younger kids, meaning it hasn't got as much tools as normal scratch


Zombie Tsunami!?!?!

Quickly goes to App Store...



Well scratch Jr. is super easy ( that is d one u want tho ) if u want the real thing you need to download it on a computer


Okay thank you guys so much!! @FreshGuppy @CreationsOfaNoob @laser_eyed_puppy


Your welcome!

Even though I don't do much...


The one with the cat - Scratch Junior


@Kitkat26 just use Scratch online. Way better.


Why not HS? I think that it is better because it has more functions and it is only made for iPad, which means that THT puts all their energy on working with the iPad version. But Scratch is also good, and Scratch JR should be the right app to download.


Revive revive

Anyone wanna chat? Imma doing algebra homework…