KitKat26's General Topic! : D


It is my birthday!! I guess it must have disappeared on the tab.


Aww.. thanks!! And BTW, I am a GS too!!


@XiaoMiaoMi thanks for sticking up for me in that topic. It really means a lot.




I feel u.


I published a new project!! What do u guys think of my first pixel art? I plan to work on smaller things, then get bigger throughout my coding career. I just want feedback on the pixel art itself, not the background. Thx!!




I love your pixel art! :blush::heart::+1:


Thank you! It is my first one. I plan to make a rose starting tomorrow.


I love it! Was it inspired from the Pixel Art video?


Yep! I used it as a introduction for pixel art.


Amazhang :thumbsup:!


Hi fren! We haven't talked in a while!


Heyy, how's life? XD


Good, how's yours?


Ok it's snowing a lot where I live we are supposed to have like 1 foot!! : O


:0 we are suppose to get snow today, but it doesn't look like it though.


I saw your bio! Thanks you so much! Your a great person and coder and and amazing frenapai!


Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it! Right back at ya fren!!




Hi! What's up @Lisa1045??