KitKat26's General Topic! : D


are we gonna have a spam liking war?


Depends. Do you wanna risk it?

lol I have like 10 likes left


i have no idea how many i have left. i am gonna spam like your general topic until i run out. ok lets GBOT :3


Week 11 of my Locked Website is published! Ahem.. @Smartypants here is the link
@Smartypants and @Explorer_ check inside! There are surprises for you!


Aww! Your so nice! Thank you!


Your welcome!

That was a really good BG, BTW.




Week 12 of my Locked Website is published!

@NightcoreStudios and @SmileyAlyssa check inside!

There are surprises for you!


I read the website, Thank you so much! :smiley:


Week 13 of my Locked Website is now published!

@MR.GAM3R and @KVJ check inside there are surprises!

Also, @MR.GAM3R what are your 5 favorite colors and 3 favorite emojis?


Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!


Your welcome!

I really liked that project.


Thanks so much (again)!






This is one day early but whatever!

Happy Birthday @KitKat26

May your amazing Birthday be filled with KITKATS!!!


A present for you!
Your Hopscotch Birthday present!

clap clap clap

Also, bump :yum:!


Thanks so much!! It will be filled with Kitkats bc I plan to eat some!!


oh yeah!!! How can I forget! Happy birthday @kitkat26!!! *gives pizza*


@Kitkat26 is it true that today is your birthday or is the "birthday" tab on the forum thing inaccurate...
If it is your birthday

Open this

Happy Birthday!

Lol Details is not working


Happy birthday KitKat! :D


When I was at Girl Scout camp this weekend, we had to come up with nicknames for ourselves. (My name was Sprinkles.) But someone else's name was Kit Kat! It reminded me of you :0