KitKat26's General Topic! : D


Hi guys!

So this is my General Topic where you can ask me random stuff, but I will be doing this:
1. Answering any questions
2. My Shoutouts
3. New projects
4. Random stuff

So that's basically it!

Welcome to my General Topic!! : D


Aww, too bad. Luckily, that's only 23 days from now! :D


Maybe she will be nice and give it back earlier!
Have to act nice!! XD


Do extra chores! Help around the house! Create a TARDIS! Do anything! Just stay on here for as long as possible, as frequently as possible!


Announcement 2

So, I found my iPad, and I will check Forum at night, like I did a couple weeks ago. YAY!!


Announcement 3:

I have released my locked website based off of @SmileyAlyssa's template. I will update it every week, so be sure to check it out.
Here is a pic of it.

Hope you guys like it!


Announcement 4

Week 2 of My Locked Website!!

@MrHotdog64 check inside. There is a surprise!!


WOAH! For some reason im getting deja vu for some reason xD!

Anyways I dont see anything inside there.


Did you click in the Shoutouts section?


Whats the password??


Look in code.


That says week 2 and I can only find week one...


Look in my account, Kitkat26​:joy::purple_heart: on Hopscotch.


Yes I did and I can only find week 1!


Nvm, I found it!!!!!!


OMG THAXS SO MUCH!!!!! :smiley: :smiley:

I am so happy :smiley:


Announcement 5

So my mom took away my iPad ( again) becuase it's the end if the school year and she wants me to give it my all. I will get it back when school ends on June 2nd. I might be in the Forum on the computer on the weekends, but just letting you know, I won't be on as frequently as I was, until June 2nd.
So, for all the schools I joined: @treefrogstudios, @friendship2468 @MoonlightCoder and my collabs, @SimplySouthernGurl and @Sensei_Coder I'm very sorry for the very short break, but please don't drop me from your schools and collabs. Like I said, I might be on during the weekends, but that's it. I will still go through all the lessons and do the homework, if any. For coding homework, I will do that once I get my iPad back on June 2nd. So sorry for the short break! Darn school!

FMTL ( sorry if I tagged you more than once)


Bean Boozled Collab...Members Please Head To Account

Isn't that like on Tuesday or something?


No, it's not this Thursday, but next Thursday. I just hope I don't lose Regular!!


Very thing is gonna be okay. You wouldn't loose regular for not being on for a week-and-a-half, and plus, if your going to be on on the weekends, your fine.