Kitkat26’s Help with Code Topic


Hey guys!
So I figured I would make this topic because I am a very basic coder (oops haha) and sometimes I have bugs in my code. I didn’t want to clog the Forum by making separate topics for each bug I have, so I just made one, specifically for all my bugs. If you want to be in my tag list to help me fix my bugs, just @ me and I can add you in there. @POMTL

Bug List!


So, I’m trying to make a website but so far I want when I tap on a header, for it to switch to that text. It does that, but then the header disappears. Can anyone help me with what went wrong?


Oh… this is simple. You can use clones, or you can make another text.


Can you explain what code to use? I’m not that great with clones…


Hm, that is bc you are using the same object for both. One object can’t be in 2 places without clones. True, like Jordan said, clones work, but I prefer to use variables. Have an :iphone:variable set to a different number for each header…then, have another text object in the middle that uses “when =” blocks to set it to a certain text depending on the variable.

That probably made no sense


I would help, but I don’t have HS anymore


Later. Sorry. But it’s quite simple


I mean I could use the Webplayer but it isn’t currently in good condition


There is already a topic like this that I made…

It is for anyone to post there projects and for other people to find bugs in the project


Thank you so much! It worked!


But this one I should specifically for KitKat26